FAQ and information

Where can I have my horse or pet photo shoot?
You can have your photo session at your home/garden, stable yard or other location such as a local woods or even the beach. Somewhere they are familiar with and enjoy going is best as they will be more relaxed for their photos. Obviously somewhere scenic and quiet is best. You can contact me via phone or e-mail and we can discuss any ideas you may have.

How long do we need for a photo shoot?
A photo shoot will normally take approximately 1-2 hours, but I will stay as long as it takes to get the photos you want.

How much does a photo shoot cost?
A visit to do an individual photo shoot for up to 2 of your own animals starts from £75. A visit to a yard to photograph a minimum 3 clients horses from £45 per horse.
This includes all post-production, one 12x8 or 8x8 inch print, travel up to 60 mile round trip from Melrose*, and one CD per client with 20 - 30 watermarked images at low resolution (these are not suitable for printing but can be shared on social networks.

What happens if the weather is bad or it rains on the day?
Because we have no control over the weather on the day of the shoot, the finished results will obviously vary, but I will work with what we get on the day, and use different techniques to get the best result. If we are unlucky enough to get rain on the day though, we will re-schedule for another day (I will phone ahead on the day to check what the weather is like where you are).

What should I wear...can I dress up for the shoot?
If you would like some photos of yourself with your pet, you are welcome to dress how you like...you can be as casual or as smart as you like. Wedding dresses, ball gowns, kilts etc are all encouraged! As long as you feel comfortable and relaxed.

How should I prepare my horse or pet for the shoot?
Make sure your horse or pet is clean and brushed, checking eyes and noses etc. Prepare them as you would for a show. Also, remember to clean any tack or leads/harnesses you might be using.

What products do you offer, and how much are they?
I offer a variety of products, all professionally printed...prints starting from £20, framed prints starting from £75, ready to hang gallery wrapped canvas from £63, and coffee table books from £75. For a full price guide please contact me.

Do you offer gift certificates?
Yes, gift certificates for a photo shoot are also available to purchase for a unique gift.

Are you insured?
Yes, I am insured for public liability.

For other situations, ideas or questions please contact me.

*Travel charges for a round trip of more than 60 miles from Melrose, Scottish Borders ~ 35 pence per mile (after the first 60)